Terrie Lea

Terrie Lea
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Terrie Lea's Biography

Type Of Business:
1) Singing ministry 2) Home decorating company 3) Health and wellness company
Marketing Area:
1) Regional 2) International 3) Regional
Singing; Writing; Publishing; Song arrangement; Composing; Prophetic and healing ministry for the broken-hearted; Home decor; Sales; Buying; Product distribution
Major Product/SVS:
1) Christian music and inspirational services 2) Photo water beads 3) LifeVantage and Protandim distribution services
Favorite Business Publication:
Entrepreneur; Inc.; Fast Company & Inc
Enjoying the outdoors; Spending time at the beach; Watching sunsets and sunrises; Caring for her flower garden; Photography; Fishing; Boating; Horseback Riding; Spending time with her family and friends
Education Degrees:
High School Education
Affiliations Awards:
National Association of Professional Women, Legacy Registry (2010, 2011); BMI Publishing; Si Jolie Corp; Chris Mayhew Studios; Raney Recording Studio; JLS Sound Trax; Adrian Thibault, Walking PhotoBooth
Place of Birth:
Ministry Leadership
State/Country of Origin:
Children's Names:
Tanya Lea, Brandi Jo, Jamie Lynn, James Marcus III
Date of Distinction:
Work History:
Self-Employed Caregiver (2000-Present); Substitute Teacher Aide, Wyoming County Board of Education (1989-Present); Young's Grocery Store (1989-1991); Buddy's Discount (1984-1988); Aerobics Instructor (1980-1987)
What do you feel separates you from the rest of the professionals in your industry?:
Her calling from the Lord and the compassion she has for the brokenhearted and abused is what separates her from others in the field.
What has been the most outstanding thing you have done thus far in your career?:
Her greatest career achievement is producing her fourth album, and raising her four children.
How would you like to be remembered by your peers?:
She would like to be remembered as a woman who overcame many hardships and used her life lessons to help others.
If you could solve one problem in the world today, what would it be?:
She would like to solve child abuse and child trafficking issues.
If you could have lunch with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be and why?:
If she could have lunch with anyone, it would be the Lord, to let Him know how much she loves Him, and how much it means to her that He has been there through every aspect of her life, good and bad.
Expanded Biography:
Ms. Lea was raised and chosen by her grandparents and was given all the love that she needed, and was later chosen by God. She has learned a lot from the trials and tribulations in her life, and has learned to believe that God is always with her. She teaches her children the same; to always by aware that God is watching, to do the right thing for God and to not be concerned with what other people think. Ms. Lea's life goal is to see the fruition of her efforts in the God's Singing Children's Ministry, and share the extraordinary gifts and purpose God has given her in the way He sees fit. She is composing the songs for her fifth album, and hopes to see her grandchildren participate in the adventure. She would like to travel the world to share the Lord's message and blessings. She plans to write her autobiography in the future, and hopes that her life experiences can inspire others to reach out and hold on to the Lord with all their might. She also hopes to inspire others to seek out his or her own gifts that God has given them, and to use them as the Lord sees fit. She has found that giving up is the easy thing to do, but keeping the faith in the Lord that all will be okay in the end is what has gotten her through this life. Ms. Lea has gone through a lot in her lifetime, enduring smiles, laughter and love, as well as heartaches, trials and tears. The Lord called her in 1987 and gave her the gift of song. She was ordained in 1991 as a song minister. In 1992, she was diagnosed with cervical cancer. In December of 1992, she was in the hospital getting ready to have surgery, but the Lord told her to tell the doctor to check one more time, and when the doctor did, the cancer was no longer there. Through the years, Ms. Lea has had many things happen to her, in addition to different sicknesses, but the Lord was always there in time to deliver her from all the attacks. She has been healed so many times by God, who loves her so dearly. From 2003 to 2007, it seemed there was always something to discourage her, but her vision and calling that God had put in her life gave her the strength to overcome the traps the enemy had set before her. In October 2007, Ms. Lea suffered an injury, resulting from protecting her granddaughter, which led to blood clots in her left leg and traveled to her right lung as well. In December 2007, another blood clot developed in the other leg and traveled to the other lung. She has suffered several physical ailments, disappointments and setbacks that have transformed her life, but she refuses to give into the despair or depression that could weigh her down. She focuses on the positive outlook in life, and sometimes is described as too optimistic and trusting, a “Pollyanna,” if you will. Through the many medical conditions, Ms. Lea had to make the difficult choice of moving to Florida to be close to the Mayo Clinic for her health. This was an extremely difficult decision to be away from her family. However, her health and medical care have improved, and she visits as often as she can, especially during the holidays. She has been extraordinarily blessed in her life, and wants to continue to make her mark upon this earth. It is the Lord within her that sings, not her. When He called her to sing in 1987, she couldn't talk, let alone sing in front of people. He said then it was Him in her and to not be afraid. She is so blessed to have always been held in the palm of God’s hands to be protected, loved, guided and inspired. Her family is the most important thing in life and she has fought to protect her husband, her children and grandchildren from life’s hardships. She is not perfect, but strives to be better each and every day. She hopes to see her legacy continue with her grandchildren. It is amazing to see how a young girl who was afraid to sing is working on her fifth album, singing, producing and writing songs. She can see God’s blessings in her grandchildren and how they are touched with God’s love, empathy and grace. Her oldest grandson, Colton, has written his first song at the age of seven. The younger grandchildren want to work for the Lord, and she knows that one day Alyssa, Landon, Laken, and the ones waiting in heaven to be born and bless the family, will work for the Lord in one capacity or another. She said, "I had to move to Florida for my health and to be away from all that I love in West Virginia. However, I know that with my family and God’s unconditional love that I will be okay. My calling has been to sing and speak to the brokenhearted with words and song. I am so blessed to have seen my life experiences, both good and bad, touch others in ways that I would not have thought possible."
Volunteer, Missing and Abused Children's Organizations; The Committee for Missing Children Inc.; Veterans, Inspiration Ministries; Surrounding Local Charities
Number Of Years In Profession:
Number Of Years In Current Position:
What Does He/She Attribute Success To:
She attributes her success to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, who comfort and guide her in all things.
Why did you become involved in your profession or industry?:
She became involved in her profession because in 1987, God healed her and gave her His gift to sing and minister to the brokenhearted and abused. She knows that the Lord called her to be a Servant for Him because till this day it is still the Lord that sings in her. The Lord spoke to her years ago and said to go around the world and tell everyone about Him. There were also people in her life who encouraged her to pursue her dreams and who helped to educate her along the way including her parents, Norma and Lloyd Lester, her mother-in-law, Bernice Fatony, and her Sunday school teacher, Lloyd Fender.
Position Responsibilities and Duties:
1) Singing, writing and publishing songs; Conducting the ministry's singers; Managing all performances; 2) Selling, buying and distributing water beads; Maintaining and updating the company website; 3) Selling and distributing Protandim/LifeVantage materials
Education Certifications:
EPE Certificate of Achievement, Cambridge Who's Who (2011); Ordained Song Minister (1991)
Diamond Professional of the Year, Social Book Global Who's Who (2013, 2014); Executive of the Year, Cambridge Who's Who (2012, 2013); Humanitarian of the Year, Sterling Registry (2012); Stanford Who's Who, Black Book (2011, 2012); Entrepreneur of the Year, Cambridge Who's Who (2011, 2012); Worldwide Who's Who; Princeton Global Network (2011, 2012); Sterling Registry Outstanding Professional Achievements and Contributions to the Community Award (2011, 2012); Black Book, Stanford Who's Who (2011, 2012); National Association of Professional Women (2011, 2012); Legacy Registry, National Association of Professional Women (2010, 2011); VIP, National Association of Professional Women (2010, 2011); Certificate of Achievement, Stanford Who's Who; Certificate of Achievement, Princeton Global Network; Continental Who's Who Registry; Executive of the Year, Stanford Who's Who; Lifetime Member, Cambridge Who's Who
Where Will You Be In 5 Years:
In five years, Ms. Lea would like to release more albums and complete the country music album that the Lord called upon her to produce. She would like to put them in book stores and sign them so she can meet the people one on one. She also hopes to build her own recording studio where she lives. Her goal in life is to see her efforts in God's Singing Children Ministry reach those that need healing from the Lord, and watch her family prosper and grow.
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