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Inside Cambridge Who's Who

Employee Testimonials: Meet Our People

Our employees are the heart and soul of Cambridge Who's Who®, helping to make us a very special part of our members’ lives.

For more than 14 years, these talented and industrious individuals have driven our success by working with a consistent set of ideals that we all have adopted as our guiding principal: dedication and service to our members.

The Cambridge Who's Who network is comprised of community leaders, neighbors, doctors, teachers, friends, partners and family members. Here at corporate headquarters, we each take an active role in celebrating the branding process, working tirelessly to support them in their careers. They are the best at what they do, which makes us the best at what we do. This basic business proposition is simple, solid and timeless — like our products.

Kristen (3 years)

Director of Editorial Services

Having been a Cambridge editorial employee for more than three years, I have not only had the opportunity to use the skills that I gained in college, but also to expand upon them and grow professionally in other areas. One of my favorite things about this company is that our management team recognizes talent, and is supportive and encouraging enough to allow individuals to excel in the areas in which they show strength. Another is the way we collaborate across all departments, enabling us to grow as one, larger team. I appreciate everything I’ve learned here — about publishing and working in a corporate environment — because these are things I will carry with me all of my life.

Tara (13 years) & Sandra, (7 years)

Branding Directors

Knowing that we publish creative, innovative branding media materials that validates our members is so fulfilling! Did you know that Cambridge is the largest Personal Branding Company today?”


Account Director

As a new member of the team, I have found that Cambridge is committed to empowerment. From every employee to every member, there is the platform, the recipe and the opportunity  to reach the goals that one would set for themselves.”

Roger, Sr. (5 years)

Branding Specialist

Being a self-motivated individual, I enjoy the flexibility Cambridge allows me — essentially, I work at my own pace and write my own paycheck. I respect the mission of management: to provide our members with quality products and services. I thrive in this type of successful environment, which empowers me to reach my fullest potential.”

Yona (14 years)

VP Sales

I get to walk into a group of highly motivated sales account directors and colleagues every day, who celebrate each other’s successes. I regard this as not only a work environment, but also a family unit.”

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