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For your convenience, we have compiled the 10 most frequently asked membership related questions below.

If you cannot find an answer to your inquiry here, please log in to the website with your username and password — you will then be able to view a complete list of Member FAQs. You may also submit your question using our online inquiry form

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I am unable to log in to my online profile. How do I do it?

Please go to the website homepage at Refer to the username and password included in your welcome package. Type this information in the Member Login prompts on the page. If this doesn’t work, please contact technical support by calling (866) 933-1555 or by e-mailing

Once you log in, you can use the Advanced Search to find members by specific industry, state or company. You may send an e-mail to members who fit your search criteria to introduce yourself, and to request information about their place of business and/or areas of expertise. A helpful hint: be sure to narrow your search and reach out solely to members you think would mutually benefit from a professional relationship.

I just logged in, but am unable to edit my profile or access the member functions. What do I do?

In order to access your online profile and begin utilizing the website, you must first accept the terms of our Membership Agreement and Privacy Policy. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen, input your username and click on the “I Agree” button. You may also print the Membership Agreement and Privacy Policy by clicking on “Print These Terms.”

I have a complimentary listing. Why can’t I log in?

While your complimentary listing is viewable by other members, you need to enroll in a membership program in order to log in and take advantage of the benefits associated with Cambridge Who's Who®. To learn more about upgrading from a complimentary listing, please contact us by calling (866) 933-1555 or by e-mailing us at

How can I expand or make corrections to my biographical profile online?

Select "My Profile" from the sidebar and then click "Edit Your Profile." The top half of your profile contains all of your basic profile information. The bottom half is separated into four tabs: Address(es), Contact Info, Profile/Bio and Photos. You may edit any of these sections by selecting the appropriate tab. Once you have made your changes, use the buttons at the bottom of your profile to check your spelling and save changes — your revisions will be reflected online immediately.

You can also update your biographical profile by submitting your revisions via mail, e-mail or fax. Please send your information, including your first name, last name and member ID number to the following:


Attn: Editorial Department
Cambridge Who's Who
445 Westbury Boulevard
Hempstead, NY 11550



(516) 742-7906

Please Note: Making your changes online is the quickest way to update your biographical information. Revisions submitted via mail, e-mail or fax may take up to 14 business days to appear online. To optimize efficiency, we ask members to refrain from submitting revisions through multiple channels. Keep in mind that all member profiles are subject to editorial review/revision, and may be locked at the discretion of the editorial department. This may result in your inability to log in. For complete, detailed instructions, please read our Profile Editing Instructions and Guidelines, which may be saved and printed for your convenience.

How do I upload my picture, logo or business card?

Go to "My Profile" on the sidebar. Select "Edit Your Profile." You will see a tab titled "Photos." There are two spots to upload your photos; one for a picture, and another for a company logo or business card. Select "Browse" to search your computer for the correct image file. Once you have selected your images, click "Save Changes."

When uploading your image(s), please adhere to the following guidelines: Format: All e-mailed and uploaded images must be in JPEG or TIFF format. If your image is in JPEG format, we recommend setting the quality to high and compression to low. Other formats cannot and will not be accepted.


  • Quality/Resolution: At least 300 dpi.
  • Dimensions: 5" x 7" or larger if being scanned.

Business Cards

  • Quality/Resolution: At least 900 dpi.
  • Dimensions: Original business card size if being scanned.

Read: “What is DPI?

Attention EPEs of the Year, VIPs, Industry Experts and Cambridge Calendar Series honorees: If the above guidelines are not met, your images may be deemed unsuitable for publishing, and may not be featured in the hardcover registry, the “Top 101 Industry Experts” book or the Cambridge Calendar Series. We advise you to direct all inquiries regarding your images to

How long do I have to make corrections to my biographical information?

You may update your biographical profile at any time by logging in to with your username and password. For publishing deadlines regarding the hardcover registry, the “Top 101 Industry Experts” book, the Cambridge Calendar Series or Pro-Files Magazine, please send your inquiries to the appropriate e-mail address:

Please Note: Publishing deadlines depend on the product/service/publication/program in which you have enrolled. Please contact our customer service department at (866) 933-1555, ext. 5105, or to find out the cutoff date for your specific program.

What is Cambridge Who's Who Connect

CWW Connect is a beta online networking community exclusive to our members, granting them access to advanced networking tools to easily exchange information, communicate with others, and participate in forums and discussions. Through this vibrant social network, individuals can post their biographical data, share news and updates, maintain a blog, and upload pictures, videos and slideshows. All in one place, they can also manage their contacts, send and receive messages, invite each other to events, and build and join communities. Members are strongly encouraged to take advantage of this network, which is beneficial for professional growth and development, and included with your membership for FREE.

How do I make revisions to my press release and when will it be distributed?

Please mail (Cambridge Who's Who, Attn: Press Releases, 445 Westbury Boulevard, Hempstead, NY 11550) or e-mail ( your revised release to us. We will promptly make the necessary corrections and send a revised copy of the release to you. Your press release will then be distributed online within five business days of receipt of your signed approval.

Can I make changes, updates or modifications to the website on my own?

Participants in the Website Development Program do not have the ability to make any changes to their website on the fly. However, they can rely on our team of Web-savvy editors to implement any modifications in a timely manner. Please e-mail with your request and we will honor it within two business days.

How do I nominate others for Cambridge Who's Who membership?

Nominating colleagues, friends and family for Cambridge Who's Who membership is a great way to honor their accomplishments, and open them up to a world of networking and professional development opportunities. By presenting viable candidates to our marketing and research department, you can help build and add value to our robust network of executives, professionals and entrepreneurs. To nominate someone for membership, log in to with your username and password. Then, click on the “Nominate a Colleague” button, which is located on the left-hand sidebar. Upon completion of this form, you will receive an e-mail confirming that your submission was received. You may also nominate others by e-mailing

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