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Cambridge Who's Who® Launches Pro-Files Magazine

Inaugural Issue Signals New Era for Top Personal Branding and Networking Firm

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February 21, 2011

Cambridge Who's Who, one of the most prominent personal branding and networking firms in the world, has announced the release of its most exciting new product to date, Pro-Files Magazine.

The glossy publication chronicles the lives of prominent Cambridge Who's Who members — outstanding individuals making a big difference in a diverse range of industries and occupations. In addition to highlighting persons of interest, Pro-Files will cover current events, arts, leisure and entertainment, and corporate culture in articles penned by Cambridge’s talented editorial staff.

The kickoff issue of Pro-Files draws our focus to celebrity chef Carla Pellegrino and Frank Thomas — former designated hitter for the Chicago White Sox turned record label executive. Rounding it all out, Cambridge Who's Who combed through its extensive database to spotlight some of its most accomplished and captivating members, providing a detailed glimpse into each of their worlds.

Nothing leaves a more lasting impression than a magazine feature that juxtaposes thought-provoking text with vibrant images. Cambridge Who's Who has taken this tried-and-true formula to provide its boldest and brightest members with a vehicle to share their insights with a vast community of professionals. An article in Pro-Files not only gives individuals a platform to have their voices heard —it also functions as a potent branding tool to help them gain concrete exposure and raised credibility.

Beginning in Fall 2011, Pro-Files Magazine will be available on the Web as well as in print, enabling featured Cambridge members to broadcast their expertise and accomplishments to an even larger audience. The digital edition will include interactive audio and video content along with links to additional interviews and information not found in the print version.

The debut of Pro-Files Magazine heralds a new phase in the evolution of Cambridge Who's Who. Since its inception, the organization has steadily endeavored to redefine the Who’s Who landscape and offer superior products and services to its members. In the past year, the company has systematically introduced innovative tools to its members to help them achieve professional growth, including personally branded websites, informative webinars and digital video biographies. “We’re excited to roll out the next phase in our publishing repertoire,” remarks Erica Lee, chief operating officer of Cambridge Who's Who. “Instead of leafing through a bulky registry, people can immerse themselves in an attractive, contemporary and informative magazine issue.”

About Cambridge Who's Who®

Cambridge Who's Who®, the world’s leading publisher of biographical profiles for executives, professionals and entrepreneurs.

Designed to enhance the visibility of Cambridge members, this program enables individuals from all fields and stages of professional development to establish strong online identities. It is the latest in a series of innovative products and services offered by the organization, reinforcing Cambridge’s dedication to providing its more than 400,000 members with valuable branding and networking opportunities.

If you have any questions about Pro-Files Magazine, please call (866) 933-1555, ext. 1358, or e-mail

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