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Cambridge Who's Who® earnestly supports non-profits, members and employees involved in philanthropic endeavors. Whether the initiative entails funding research to cure devastating diseases, granting educational scholarships to underprivileged children or providing disaster relief to ravaged areas, we champion causes that have a significant and positive impact on their target communities. Our Corporate Giving arm not only sponsors benevolent projects financially, it also helps to raise public awareness about them through informative blog posts and social media announcements.

Cambridge Who's Who seeks to endorse organizations that are taking a thoughtful and spirited approach to assisting populations in need. Past Corporate Giving beneficiaries include the Bertrand Berry Foundation, FACE the Challenge, John J. Byrne Community Center, Ochan Self-Help Alliance and Toys of Hope. For more information about the socially conscious ventures that our company and members have supported over the years, please visit the Cambridge Charities site at

Providing aid to the disadvantaged is a challenging task; non-profit organizations are beset by funding shortages and growing needs. The Cambridge Who's Who Corporate Giving Program empowers them to fulfill their visions of a better world. To learn more about the Program or to recommend a worthwhile charity to us, please e-mail

Corporate Giving
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